What’s Inside

What’s Inside?

The clean-looking label effect has transformed the beverage industry. These labels may fool you into thinking that you are getting the real thing just because there is a picture of a coconut on the front. WRONG! Do yourself a favor and read the ingredients; you will be shocked at what you read. You might see something like added sugar, added flavors, preservatives, and in some cases, just a splash of coconut water. Billions of dollars are spent each year to promote products that look healthy and fall short of natural benefits and, in some cases, are harmful. Prooving, not all drinks are created equally, and consumers should be more mindful than ever before about what they put in their bodies.

At Hydra Coco, we take the guesswork out of choosing hydration that’s convenient, delicious, and, best of all, actually good for you. Our drinks are made with 100% Juice, sourced from Southeast Asia for a naturally sweeter flavor. Other coconut water brands may add sweeteners or flavors to their products, thus taking away the overall health benefits.

The Pure, Sport featuring vitamins and Sparkling products from Hydra Coco all feature five essential electrolytes to ensure you’re hydrated, and we never add any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Today’s health-conscious consumers often follow specific dietary plans, and Hydra Coco fits right in with no gluten, no lactose, and no added sugar.

Imagine standing at your favorite grocery store looking at your beverage options and seeing sports drinks, sodas, and flavor-enhanced waters. Do any of these products offer you the full health benefits that coconut water can? Probably not. Instead, give Hydra Coco a try and see the difference in your energy level and overall well-being.

Enjoy Hydra Coco all day, every day!